Iphone Photo Dump

I have so many pictures on my Iphone it is almost ridiculous!
That is my go to camera now a days.. I haven't used an actual camera in a very long time!

Problem is now ..all my pictures are way disorganized in my computer and I can NOT stand that! I am going to have to either break down and get Becky Higgins Project Life or upload them all to Shutterfly and make a ton of photobooks. I need to get them out of the digital world and into real life!

Anyway...here is an offical Iphone Photo Dump post:

Lyla has started picking out her own clothes..She's doing pretty good.

a day at the park..loves to race

love this tree..totally fits our home decor

we found the love of hopscotch this year

My big puppy Nala

My first crocheted scarf ..love it!
Now selling them..if you want one let me know!

rainy cold day so Nala was a complete inside dog that day

painted pupmpkins with Nanny Norma...there is a Momma and a Baby and the Momma is wearing a pearl necklace. I am loving that she is having fun with Nanny Norma..I hope they connect with each other and have an unbreakable bond. I'm trying to keep my hopes up.

Had a great time with friends, Amber and Chris, when we went to the Haunted Castle for Halloween
Yay..got a lot of pictures out in a short amount of time...be prepared for more Iphone Photo Dumps!
Have a Great Tuesday!

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  1. I love love love your scarfs! How much are you selling them for!


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