Happily Ever After 10 years

My mom and my so called step dad have been dating for 10 years. We pretty much consider them married..but in their own time and in their own way they decided to have a wedding.

It was a little country wedding which I think are the best...It was all about family and close family friends.

girls getting ready
how sweet is this?

this is how Lyla stood through the whole ceremony
and this is why my mom is the best grandma in the world
this was HER day
but it wasn't HER day unless it had Lyla in it
Lyla means everything to that woman
Lyla knows it and feels it
I know it and I love it!
and nothing.not even me
compares to her grandma!

this is Lyla looking at me seeing if she is doing it right

Girls in their princess dresses!

My mom and step dad..officially now...bought Lyla her own princess pearl necklace for the wedding

It was beautiful..
It was fun
and now it is official
I have a step dad!
Congratulations Mom and James!
oh and by the way..this happened on October 5th. I'm just really behind!

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  1. Beautiful! You took great pictures too. What a happy day. (I agree with you about country weddings.)


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