December Photo a Day

Hello December!!
Oh how I have been waiting for you..and oh my gosh how quickly you have gotten here!!

This December is bitter sweet for me because I love snow, Christmas, all things that glitter....but my hsuband will be leaving us to go to boot camp for the Air Force. I am so super proud of him..but definately going to miss him!

(Public Service Announcemnt: I do know how to use a gun..I love to shoot them..and I am a pretty good shot...for your safety if you plan on coming in my house uninvited I would think twice...If I do know you are coming to visit....ring the door bell)

OK..moving on...

I love to record our memories.
I love to take pictures, scrapbook, journal..all of it!

What are you doing this December to record your memories?
Project Life with Becky Higgins is AMAZING!
A Shutterfly photo book is AWESOME too!
or even a December Daily Album with Ali Edwards...is GREAT!

If you are like me you are thinking...that you are totally normal..and boring and will have nothing to take a picture of EVERY day to even put into an album ...

But my friend...

I am here to tell you that even your boring days ....are days that your children will want to see when they get older!

For example: Today ..we have done nothing! I'm here in my chair with jammies on watching Sofia the First *and if you have a little girl around the age of four you know what I'm talking about* and my daughter just came up to me with her whole index finger in her mouth with wide eyes!
After a few seconds of staring at each other she say, "I found the sugar"

Picture and Journal Moment!

If you need a little help on what to take pictures of...Let me introduct to you Fat Mum Slim!

She has a photo of the day that she has been doing all year long.
Here is Decembers list:

Here’s a little bit more about each prompt:
1. 8 o’clock: Take a photo at whatever you’re doing at 8am or 8pm.
2. Peace: What does peace look like for you? Or take a photo of a peace sign.
3. Something you held: a child, your phone, a gift, a shopping bag – anything!
4. Black + white: Use a black + white filter on a photo of your choice, or take a photo of something black and white.
5. Looking up: Get down on the ground and take a photo from down low, looking up.
6. From where you live/your country: Take a photo of something from your country – a flag, something unique, a traditional dish, or something a little bit more common.
7. Stars: Take a photo of the stars at night, or stars you see around the place during the day.
8. Someone you love: At this time of year we’re often catching up with loved ones. Take a photo of someone you love. If you’re not seeing a loved one today – take a photo of a photo – or get creative.
9. Out + about: Whatever you do today, take a photo while you’re doing it.
10. Under: Take a photo of something {anything!} under something.
11. Sweet: Take a photo of something sweet {food or not!}
12. Hat: Take a photo of a hat. If it’s cold – perhaps a beanie. If it’s hot, perhaps a sun hat.
13. Lights: Take a photo of some lights at night.
14. Something green: Find something green in your travels today and take a photo to share.
15. Outdoors: Get outside and snap something outside.
16. Something you made: Perhaps it’s just some toast, or something more extravagant. Shoot it.
17. On the floor: Look down and shoot something on the ground.
18. Makes you feel merry: What’s making you happy today? Shoot it.
19. Something beginning with ‘s’: Find something beginning with S and shoot it.
20. Weather: In some parts of the world it will be snowing, in others it will be REALLY hot. Share a photo that represents the weather where you are.
21. Tree: Take a photo of a tree {yes, we did this last month – but try and be creative!}
22. Decoration: It could be Christmas related, or a decoration in your home.
23. Joy is______: What makes your filled with joy? Take a photo.
24. Tradition/something you always do: What’s something you always do? A family tradition?
25. Lunchtime: If you celebrate Christmas – take a photo of what you’re doing at lunchtime {traveling, partying, opening gifts, laughing, drinking}. If you don’t celebrate Christmas – share what you did at lunchtime.
26. Mess: Take a photo of a mess. Or a lack of one if you’re that way inclined.
27. How you relax: How do you like to chill out? Read a book, lay on the beach? Take a photo.
28. Cold: Take a photo of something cold.
29. Hot: Take a photo of something hot.
30. Something that made you smile this year: Reflect on the year gone by and find something made you smile.
31. Self-portrait: Take your last selfie for the year. If you’re partying, take a photo with friends. If you’re having a quiet night in, take a photo of what you’re doing. Self-portraits don’t have to be obvious. I like very abstract ones – feet are an easy way to take a photo of yourself.



  1. What wonderful prompts! Thank you! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. BTW... I know how to shoot, too. If you need any help, Girl, you just call. The 9mm and I will be right there! Our son is a Marine. Please give your husband a hug and tell him THANK YOU from us! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. I love these photo prompts, thanks for sharing! Many thanks to your husband for his service, I pray that all will be well for your family.

  4. cute idea but crap I'm already behind! lol


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