Welcoming our Elf!

This year I decided that we need an elf on the shelf.
First of all because Lyla would love it!
Second of all because I think it will be fun!!

So we picked out our elf at books a million and when we ran into wal mart to get a few things Santa took our elf from our car to take her to the North Pole and give her directions on what she should do.
He left us a note on a napkin to let us know because that's all he could find in the car to write on.

When we got home and Lyla was playing in her room I quickly wrapped the elf and stuck it in the freezer.

When it got good and frosty from "being at the North Pole" I put it on our doorstep, rang the doorbell and high tailed it back to the couch. When I "answered" the door; lyla immediately knew her name was on the tag and it was from Santa!

We read the book and named her sparkles and lyla introduced herself

We left Sparkles in her box on top of the fireplace until she was comfortable enough to get out and roam around.

I'm super excited!!

Oh yea. Lyla is excited too!

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  1. i love elf on a shelf. I wish I had a little one to play along!

  2. How fun! I wish my kids were smaller so I could get one!


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