30 things I vow to do this summer

Over at Mamma's Losing It...she has a Writer's Workshop...it helps get your mind going so if you are like me and you have a three million things going through your mind but still can not think of anything blog about...you can go here and grab something!
Everything going through my mind is completely random..and not good for blogging...
Lyla should be napping right now...
when she lays down..so am I
then I hope we don't sleep to late..
I kinda wanted to go shopping a little today...
but not with a one year old...
but hubby is working so scratch that...
could go visit family....
maybe go get some ice cream..
sister in laws wedding is next weekend
gotta fit into my dress...
no ice cream

random crazy things...

so at the Writer's Workshop one of her themes was think of 30 things you would like to do this summer and make a summer bucket list!
I can do that!! I love lists...so here it goes!

1. sew something...anything at all...something on a scrapbooking layout..a pillow case dress for Lyla..anything

2. scrap. a layout I mean...i have so many sketches..and papers and punches...but no layouts!

3. make homemade ice cream..after sister in laws wedding!

4. drink lemonade...in a cute glass! That always makes it better

5. soak my feet in a kiddie pool while Lyla swims

6. read more of Bible and stop thinking that God is going to give me a Broadway sign for the answers I need

7. go fishing

8. hang with my dad more...i know i remember when that used to be embarassing...but now i love it!

9. play BINGO!!

10. buy a summer purse and wallet..i need a new one

11. watch movies with the hubs..

12. catch fireflies at night

13. grill out more

14. drink more water

15. watch my computer time.....

16. try to get my blog going...i feel like no one reads this thing but ME

17. make a recipe binder

18. make a cupon binder

19. organize craft room and decorate

20. take time for ME

21. work on my gardening skills...plant some flowers

22. check out country club

23. take a trip just me and hubby

24. take Lyla to strawberry patch

25. get a pedicure

26. have a yard sale

27. go to more yard sales

28. have a girls night

29. keep my car clean

30. pick wildflowers and make my own table centerpieces.

wow....that wasn't hard to think of at all...i could go on...thanks to that blog!

Mama's Losin' It


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  3. Great post! I would love to keep my car clean. I am here from MBC! I am your newest follower! Come and visit me at Mama's Little Chick.

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  4. Let me know how the homemade ice cream goes! I've been wanting to try it!!

  5. I love summer bucket lists -- especially ones with Bingo! Fun!


  6. Cute blog! I'm now following from MBC!


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