I am blessed.

Today at work I answered the phone and a man was on the line.

He immeadiately started to rattle off that he had three kids..his wife had left...one of his kids is an infant...two of them are sick and need to go to the doctor but he has no car...he doens't know how to pay bills and at the moment they had nothing to eat...he said he had no where else to turn.

I work at a preschool in a church. I love being in God's setting. Being able to teach children about Jesus..because these children will be our future.

When I answered that phone call today I was reminded the bad part of working at a church. The stories of people in need. It breaks my heart. It makes you want to go to your house and gather up all your food and just cook them one big meal!But I have no idea who that man was...or where they live.

And now a days ..it is kinda scary to do something nice for someone else because you never know when you are going to get yourself in trouble.

The rest of the day...I have thought and thought about just how blessed I am.

I am 25...and I have more than I ever imagined I would have at 25.

My husband and I own our own home...we have a wonderful and healthy little girl...two dogs...cable...internet...nice furniture...I have scrapbooking stuff...my husband has hunting stuff...and we go out to eat....etc.

All of that is God's work...a blessing from God.

I love those little moments that just put you in check and make you think just how good you got it.
A few more blessings to add my list:
24 my house
25 my job
26 my cable tv
27 my internet and computer
28my furniture
29 my scrapbooking supplies
30going out to eat
31 lyla's toys
32 electricity
33 plumbing
i know they are just simple things..but they are BIG things if you don't have them

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