My Thoughts on Thursday

1. I had a great time at the Charlie Daniels Band concert tonight. It was hot..but worth it.

2. Is it officially summer yet? because the heat index today was 106!

3. Has the oil stopped spewing into the ocean yet?

4. Has anyone figured out who the TEA PARTY is? and what they stand for?

5. My sister in laws wedding is Saturday...haven't even tried on my bridesmaid dress yet..hope it fits!

6. I am taking Gregg out for Father's Day...just me and him.

7. When my mom and step dad had to leave tonight after they dropped us off from the concert..Lyla was actually heart broken. Not just throwing a fit...like actually heart broken. It made me cry...and then I cried again when I realized she is having BIG GIRL feelings. Lord..please protect her heart!

8. Still need a digi camera...birthday coming up soon...**hint hint**

9. still in process of having a yard sale...gotta clean out garage

10. One of my preschool students I had last year is having her birthday party next week and made sure to invite me. ..how sweet!

11. I am thinking about vlogging....gotta learn how to.

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