Sunday Seven

seems like i have been so busy that i haven't had time to blog..i have had to catch up on America's Got Talent...ate with family ...did some laundry...and scrapped a little bit.

So I am making time for my blog right before i go to bed....

1. it just started down pouring...it has been thundering and lightning for a while now...i like storms...when my husband is home with me.

2. church was amazing today...God really moved...two great sermons...A. stop just being smoke..and start blasting away for God...B. When God opens a door...run through it with everything you have cause on the other side is the presence of Jesus!

3. I wanna go fishing

4. I need to go visit my dad

5. I am cleaning up my scrappy room and making it suitable to actually craft in...i am feeling the mojo

6. I found a good list that I need to focus on... God first, husband second, children third, family and friends fourth, housecleaning fifth, voluntering when you have time....sometimes i get those all confused!

7. My goal this week is to pray like i have never prayed before and see what happens...i want to hear from God..to know that he is there with me...maybe to hear what he wants me to do ...

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