At the well....We are the Body

Over At the Well...they are having a Bible Study called We Are The Body.

It is all about us learning what our part is ...and how to put it into action.

Todays subject was about accountability.

Do you have a friend that will keep you accountable?

I used to ...I worked with her..but now we have gone our seperate ways...we still talk but not as much as we used to.

I went to work this morning looking and asking God to show me what I needed to work on in my life since I really have NO one to keep me accountable.

And lo and behold...just like an old friends..God told me ...
1. I could be a little more joyous to my husband
2. I could focus a little more on reading my bible during my hour lunch break when I have nothing to do
3. I need to work on my patience...with everyone...actually my patience is fine..it is the devil tempting my patience and making me over react
4. I could start relying on God a little more....he is the Comforter...the Healer...the Protector..A Friend..A Father...He will take care of me..He is there to talk to ....He will give me anwers and advice when I need it.
5. Do what I can for my church...including paying tithes....

Isn't it wonderful how Jesus can be just like a friend you can just sit down and talk to ...You are never alone when you are a child of God...

He is never against you ...He is always for you....And if God is with you...who can be against you...He is the God of all Gods...
Which means if Buddah needs a miracle...he goes to God...
Jesus is the only wise God....which means all those other Gods are dumb gods..and I don't wanna worship a dumb god...I want to serve the only wise God!!!

Thank you Jesus!!

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