Multitude Monday Blessings

Another thing that I am doing on Monday's is counting my blessings...
I know I am blessed...my house..my job...my family...

but it seems like we forget the little things...so I want to focus on just that...

the little things...

36. ATM cards
37. pools
38. a rain that cools everything down
39. a joyful spirit that lets me dance in the rain
40. cleaning supplies...
41. no water dry shampoo from Tresseme...love it! Thanks to No 17 Cherry Lane!!!
42. food coloring that is hardened into circles that change my daughters bath water to different colors...it makes bath time so much more fun!

Please join join in!!
I would love to hear what you think is a little blessing!!!


  1. Nikki,
    I join you in gratitude for rain that cools the earth and fun bath times with our children!

  2. Thank you dropping by and leaving a comment on my first count of my blessings. I had such a hard time to come up with something and it is so nice to see your list and how you also count little things too. I almost felt guilty for mentioning sitting on my deck. Now I know I don't have to.
    I am not sure what music you are talking about on my blog. I don't think I have any, if I do I didn't put it there :)
    See you later.


It is so nice to know that I am not talking to myself. I love reading your comments and I try to respond to each and every one! Thank you for stopping by!