I am feeling the MOJO

I don't know what has come over me...

It is something that I haven't felt in a long time...

it is M-m-m-motivation.


Here lately on my lunch break...any extra minute here or there I slip into an antique shop..or a craft shop and just look around (well of course I buy something...that would be rude not to :) ...and I have been overwhelmed with the feeling that I can DO THAT!

Those cute little flower clips...EASY! (i think)  I can so do that!

Signs with sayings on them..I have a Cricut...I can so do those too!

with my Cricut I can make coasters, wall stickers, anything...

that Cricut gives you alot to work with! and I thank my husband greatly for getting it for me.

I am just motivated to do something.

I did learn a life lesson today though..Lyla HAS to have a nap...EVERY DAY!

Today my mother in law (Lord only knows what made her do this) call and see if she could take Lyla to watch Toy Story 3 with my nephew while Gregg and I watched a movie that we wanted to.

My in-laws always seem to migrate toward my nephew...they never really do much with Lyla...or ever think to give me and Gregg a break...so I don't know what made them do it today..but I wasn't going to pass up a chance to watch a grown up movie with my husband alone...so we went!
Gregg and I seen "Knight and Day"...awesome!

anyway..with the short notice..we all had to take showers and I had to feed everyone lunch..so we kinda missed nap time thinking that she would take a nap on the way to town...well she did but it wasn't long enough..because whew..she was something else when we were trying to eat dinner...but by 7:30pm..she was off in dreamland...which is nice..but that means early morning.

My husband wanted to sit on the couch and "relax" together...which means he is asleep right now and I am in my scrapbooking room IN THE SILENCE..feeling the mojo!!!

so ..what can I do????

anyone crafty that reads my blog? got any cute homemade ideas?
let me know..i would love to check it out!

My goal this year to make everything for Christmas presents...because that is a whole other story about my in laws...
So I need some good ideas for Christmas presents....

Have a great night!

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  1. I am trying to get motivated to be crafty as well and to get my house decorated {its been 8 months since we moved in}. Oh and naps are a must! My 4 yr old doesn't take one anymore :( but my 1 yr old takes a 2 - 3 hr nap, yay!


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