First Day of Summer Program

Today was the first day of our summer program...and since it is a Tuesday...that means it was WATER DAY!!! Yea..on the FIRST day!
All I have to say is WHEW!!

My hours are from 9am to 5pm...and today I thanked God for those hours. I feel bad picking Lyla up that late..but I have to remember that I drop her off later too. I just hate for her to be at preschool for so long. Which brings me to another topic..........

So I walked in at 9am and it was CRAZY!!! Well crazy for the adults..the kids were having a blast playing with all the balls in the gym. Meanwhile we were trying to figure out whose blankets is whose...plus we had to add in swimsuits, Little Swimmers, socks, shoes, flip flops, pillows, towels...OMG!!! Then of course with it being the first day ...we were trying to figure out Who was Who!!! I am so glad that all the girls I work with are generally in good spirits...it makes it so much easier to work...and have a good day. Nothing like where I was at.

Well we finally got the little ones......I am with the 2 1/2 year olds.....and right now we are sharing a room with the 3 year olds because they are having a window put in my room....Hallelujah!! But sharing a room...was another WOW! Tomorrow will be better since we will have everyone's stuff already put away...and we know who a few of them are. :)

My other subject...is.........
I have been thinking on whether I want to move my daughter to where I am working or leave her where she is at.
There is pro's and con's to both situations....

I miss her when I am at work and feel bad for leaving her at preschool for so long..but if she came with me..she would eventually be in MY room (which would not be good)...and I am afraid that I will want to peek in on her and it will interfere with my job.
We have staff meetings after work ...and since Gregg works second shift it is like I am a single mom so I would have to drive 15 minutes to get her and come back to the meeting or have to call my mom to pick her up and then have to go 25 minutes out of my way to pick her up on the way home.
But if she was there with me..I could sneak a peek at her and steal a sugar every now and then...plus it would be almost half of what we are paying now.

She loves the preschool she is at now..so do I..that is why she is there. I have seen them wash hands after the potty...she is doing great potty training there. She loves her teacher....I'm sure she has little friends...every morning someone always says HI LYLA!! and every evening when I get her ..they always say..LYLA your momma is here!!
They are a Christian based preschool...but I don't know how they teach about Jesus.

I know where I am at...they do a memory verse...a Bible coloring sheet and story...and really teach them about Jesus. We talk about Jesus and pray all day!

So I am kinda stuck in the middle....and really don't know what to do.

Any ideas momma's??? or suggestions...or could you just tell me what is best???? that would be nice!

hmm..just had a thought ...Maybe I should pray about this...Any input would be appreciated though...from you experienced momma's.

Have a blessed day!!

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