We are the Body ..Week 3

This is week number 3 in doing our Bible Study on how we are a part of the Body of Christ.

Today we talked about how we get in situations where we are so fed up that we just DONE..and we are ready to check out!

I know I have been there...more than once! and I know that there will be more occasions where I will want to check out....but I won't...because whatever situation I am in..God put me there for a reason...so i will hold on to his Name and get through it with the strength of God.

Whatever door God puts in front of me...I am not only going to walk right through it..I am going to run..with everything I have because I know that whatever is on the other side of that door is straight from the presence of God. Who wouldn't want to see that...to feel that???

We had an awesome sermon from a preacher Sunday night that preached about God opening a door for you...and to go through it.
But we have to remember...God can open those doors that no man can shut...not even the Devil...yes...even Satan can not shut the door that God has open...but God can shut it. So don't waste your time...don't waste the blessings he is willing to give to you...he is stretching his hand down as far as he can ...all you have to do is pray and grab a hold!

God, I pray that when you open a door for me..that I know it is you...and that I run with all my might to wherever you want me to go and do whatever it is that you want me to do. Praise be to you!

.....ok so i kinda got off the subject...

I'm back...

This week we are to remember that if can't be with the one we love...Jesus....to love the one's we are with....your husband, your children, your nieghbor, the lady at the grocery store..everyone.

We are to make a list of the people that we are closest to and make a list beside each one on ways to show them that we love them.....

That will be what I do before I go to bed tonight...but I am thinking maybe some "thinking about you" scrappy cards!!!

Feel Free to join in the Bible study....we have quite a few more weeks to go!
It is over At the Well...join in!

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