Vigilant Wife

I just ate my supper...I am stuffed a Thanksgiving turkey...Lyla is playing in her room.....The LAST COMIC Standing is on in the living room with no one watching it..(thank God for DVR)...so I took a little MOMMY time and started some blog reading!

I have come to love this blog world! I get so much motivation..and inspriation...for all sorts of things. From scrapbooking, to crafting...from mommyhood to cupons...and from religion to how to step it up in my religion.

This blog that I have come across tonight has her own little thing going called the Vigilant Wives Club.
It isn't a mandatory thing...but at she is trying to help us women understand that we took a promise in front of God and our famalies that we will love and cherish our husbands...even when we don't want to!
Just to know the fact that sometimes your marriage really takes work..and it isnt' always paradise like I thought it would be...really motivates me!

So she has challenged all us wives to do something nice for our husbands.....and I wanna join.
I can't say that I will post something every day...or every week...but I am putting her on my blog roll so I can keep up with her blog...and I hope that my readers (if I have any) do the same!

I know it sounds crazy...and it took me...(well I will be married for 3 years in September) to realize that the more I encourage my husband..the better he acts..which makes me like him more.
I don't know how that works..but girls...it does...husbands are funny creatures a good friend once told me..and I so believe it!~


Have a great day!!

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