AP Tuesday!

Ok so today is Tuesday..let's look at my Summer Doozy List to see what I can cross off....

Don't forget to swing by New Nostalgia to make your own doozy list and see what others are doing this summer...great ideas over there!!!

1. sew something...anything at all...something on a scrapbooking layout..a pillow case dress for Lyla..anything  i haven't sewn "something" but I did try to sew on a layout..and it worked...

2. scrap. a layout I mean...i have so many sketches..and papers and punches...but no layouts! woo hoo I done this too!

3. make homemade ice cream..after sister in laws wedding!

4. drink lemonade...in a cute glass! That always makes it better I drank a Sangria in a cute glass does that count?

5. soak my feet in a kiddie pool while Lyla swims  did this today ..so nice outside after it rains! Lyla had a blast!!

6. read more of Bible and stop thinking that God is going to give me a Broadway sign for the answers I need  I am still looking for that Broadway sign..i don't know why..i just wanna know it is God talking to me..to make sure...ugh!

7. go fishing

8. hang with my dad more...i know i remember when that used to be embarassing...but now i love it!

9. play BINGO!!

10. buy a summer purse and wallet..i need a new one

11. watch movies with the hubs..  we got to do this again when my mother and father in law took my daughter and my nephew to see ToyStory 3 ..my husband and I got to watch a movie together!! yay!

12. catch fireflies at night

13. grill out more

14. drink more water drank 24 ounces today ..plus a little more..

15. watch my computer time.....this is going good...

16. try to get my blog going...i feel like no one reads this thing but ME i feel like i am picking up speed..but i read a good article today that told me to remind myself of WHY I started blogging to begin with and stick to it. I get caught up in the pretty headers and sidebar gadgets..I need to focus more on my content! Why I wanted to blog.

17. make a recipe binder

18. make a cupon binder gotta get baseball card holders

19. organize craft room and decorate working on it..it is getting there..got alot done this past weekend..i even scrapped a layout!

20. take time for ME I am making this happen for me...slowly but surely!

21. work on my gardening skills...plant some flowers

22. check out country club

23. take a trip just me and hubby

24. take Lyla to strawberry patch

25. get a pedicure

26. have a yard sale

27. go to more yard sales

28. have a girls night

29. keep my car clean...doing good on this one...if it would stop raining...but thank God for the rain..we need it!

30. pick wildflowers and make my own table centerpieces.

Well I have to say I am pretty proud of myself ..I have one month left to finish up...


  1. I think you are doing good. You have more readers than me too and I have blogged for a longer time than you. I am having trouble really knowing what I want my content to be. Now I got a recipe in there among everything else. For now I guess I will just go with the flow. I am still working on my doozy list, making it that is. Most of the stuff I got on my lists are stuff I will need years to finish. Oh, got to go. Hubby is home and I need to get dinner on the table.

  2. Hi Nikki
    Love your list! and yes, Sangria SO counts!
    I love seeing Marianne commenting on your page, knowing the 2 of you makes me smile. I so appreciate your participation at "AP Tuesday"
    Don't get discouraged with blog growth. I found that when I stopped wondering if anyone read and just shared myself, is when I got more readers, surprisingly. God knows the plans He has for you and this blog.
    Know that you are a blessing to me through it!!


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