Will I be remembered?

I forgot to do this study ...so I am doing it now..because i want to make a point to do them all!

Over At the Well they are having a bible study about being a part of the body of Christ...

Today's question was..How do you want to be remembered when your gone?

This is hard to answer for me...because I don't like to think of :when i'm gone:
When I'm gone...will my husband be OK.....will my daughter be OK.....will my husband have the faith and strength to carry on and take care of our family....how about my little brother whom I think of as son....how will our finances be?

I just don't like to think about it...
but saying that I live a long and full loving life...when I die of old age...I would like to be remembered as a GREAT momma, a wonderful and caring preschool teacher who had fun and laughed at everything!
I want to be remembered as a woman that was a NO HOLDS BACK kind of woman in praising her God. I want to be remembered as the woman who could feel the Holy Spirit in Wal Mart in the middle of grocery shopping.
I want to be remembered as a good friend...always there for people...helped wherever I could...did good things....

of course I will have mistakes..but I pray that my good doings will supercede my bad things.

So that is how i want to be remembered...

now it says to make a list of all that I just listed and started trying to be the person I want to be remembered as.........
How do you want to be remembered?

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