Vigilant Wives

So today ...before work..I had a few minutes to blog read...which is so relaxing..I need to work that into my morning routine..I love just sitting and reading in the mornings...

Anyway...I seen that The Vigilant Wives Club blog made a post and it reminded me to do something for Gregg....

I know that we are supposed to do something to show them we are submissive...or to enourage them..or blah blah...

but here lately I have had the feeling that is HARD to talk to my husband...I don't know if it that I don't feel comfortable enough to talk to him..or that he is working all the time and I can't find any time to talk to him...i don't know what it is...so this morning after reading the Vigilant Wives...I decided that I would quickly write my husband a letter shortly stating that I feel like I can't talk to him..and it hurts my feelings that he is my best friend and my confindant...and I can't confide in him..or get his advice..which here lately I have really been needing...

I have been asking and praying to God to let me know whether or not I need to start wearing skirts.

I was raised in a Baptist church..but started going to a United Pentecostal Church with my husband and his family..and God has told me that the reason I met my husband was to find this church and to build a strong family that could withstand anything the devil had throw against us.

I solely belive that if we got together as a family and truly worshipped the Lord with everything we had we could do major things in our church...but my husband as well as I ....just haven't dove in.
I don't know why....Earthly things I guess...

But Earthly things don't matter
They just fade and shatter

I have been told over and over that the reason all the Pentecostal women wear skirts was because God convicted them for one reason or another to wear skirts...whether it was not to be OF the world....Not to look like a man...or just to please God...My mother in law strictly wears skirts so that people will know that she is Pentecostal...because you would be amazed at how many people have started coming to our church because they asked my mother in law if she was Apolstolic by the way the dressed.
crazy huh?

So my one and only complex....well two....on this wearing the skirt thing...is

1. I work at a preschool...so needless to say that can be rough..in a skirt...with two year olds all day...but none the less...it can be done...

2. I wonder if Gregg will still find me attractive.....Pentecostal women seem to forget about themselves...and focus solely on God...which is amazing..but I still want my husband to be attracted to me.

Anyway...I don't know how I got on this subject...but for my post today on being a Vigilant Wife...I let my husband know how I felt.


  1. I enjoyed reading your post - I'm so glad you let your husband know how you felt! Even when it's hard and potentially hurtful, I think it's so important to communicate with our husbands. I know sometimes I forget that my Hubby can't read my mind! ;-)

  2. I wish they could!! It would be alot easier!


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