Nevertheless, not my will; but thine be done!

The past few days at my church we have had a mini..(scratch that MAJOR)...kinda unplanned spontaneous revival.
I love that about my church...they go with what they feel. Whatever God tells them to do..not matter how dumb it may seem to other people or how crazy it may seem to us..if God it telling you to do it...then do it!
We had an evangelist come in and preach to us on Saturday night about HIS JESUS. His Jesus...Jesus that was born in a stinky stable...to save us all. Today would you think some poor woman who had a kid in a stinky horse stable..would be the kid that would save your life? I don't think so. The Jesus that walked up in a graveyard and said ..Lazurus...Come to me...and raised him from the dead. THE DEAD??? I know we have heard this and heard this...many many times..and most of us could probably repeat the scripture. But what we have to realize is that the blood that was shed on the very day they nail MY SAVIOR to the cross ...is the same blood that covers me today. His blood back then healed the blind...the deaf...the dead!! And his blood can do all that today! It is just the same...Jesus is the same...today...yesterday...and forever.
Our problem is ...we have to believe it will be done! I am the first to say I am a skeptic about everything...so the reason my BIG prayers haven't been answered...it because I don't believe God will do it for me. Now I do! Thanks to Brother Mahaney!

In Luke 22:42 Jesus was telling God...You know I don't I don't to be naked...made fun of..humilated, whipped, nailed to a cross, suffocate to death, beaten, bruised, chastised!! So please God..take this from me...

Here is the scripture:
Saying Father if thou be willing remove this cup from me Nevertheless not my will but thine be done.

What I think now..thanks to our revival...is that Jesus looked further down the years and seen me and you and all our family and friends on this very day and seen that we need to be saved...the way this world is going...and they crazy things that are going on...we need JESUS.
He went through all of that ..for us! for me!

That is amazing...you know the story...you can recite it by heart...but really sit down and think about it...research what a real cruicifixion....it is horrible horrible death.
He wasn't beaten to death..he suffocated...because the way you are nailed the cross...your lungs can take in air..but it can't exhale air. So Jesus would have to put all his wieght on the nails on his feet to reach up to breathe...and to his very last breath...he was doing it all for us!


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