AP Tuesdays at New Nostalgia

Today is Tuesday.
That means it is time to look at my Summer Doozy List to see what I can check off..and link it up to Amy at New Nostalgia.

Let's see.......................

1. sew something...anything at all...something on a scrapbooking layout..a pillow case dress for Lyla..anything

2. scrap. a layout I mean...i have so many sketches..and papers and punches...but no layouts!

3. make homemade ice cream!

4. drink lemonade...in a cute glass! That always makes it better

5. soak my feet in a kiddie pool while Lyla swims  Did this one...woo hoo!

6. read more of Bible and stop thinking that God is going to give me a Broadway sign for the answers I need
I have been working on this one. I am not expecting a Broadway sign...but sometimes I doubt myself on whether it is God talking to me or not. I have been reading more of my Bible though.

7. go fishing

8. hang with my dad more...i know i remember when that used to be embarassing...but now i love it!
I have done this one too...went over to his house and hung out and played horseshoes!

9. play BINGO!!

10. buy a summer purse and wallet..i need a new one
got this one too! super cute!!

11. watch movies with the hubs..
did that this weekend! Edge of Darkness and New Moon!! Both were good!

12. catch fireflies at night
did this with Lyla the other night when we took her to the park...she thought they were cool but didn't want to hold it.

13. grill out more

14. drink more water
drinking water at all is more than what I used to drink...I Do Not like water Sam I Am....so I have to use Crystal Light to flavor it...

15. watch my computer time.....
this is another one that i stay on top of....thanks to No 17 Cherry Tree Lane

16. try to get my blog going...i feel like no one reads this thing but ME
well I went from no followers to 14...so at least now i know that I am not talking to myself..and i have even gotten a few comments...so a BIG WOO HOO to me!!!

17. make a recipe binder

18. make a cupon binder

19. organize craft room and decorate

20. take time for ME

21. work on my gardening skills...plant some flowers

22. check out country club

23. take a trip just me and hubby
Well me and hubby went out to eat just the two of us..for Father's Day...it was fun. We are planning a trip for just us two!

24. take Lyla to strawberry patch

25. get a pedicure

26. have a yard sale

27. go to more yard sales

28. have a girls night
we had a girls' night for my sister in law's wedding....it was fun! and nasty!!

29. keep my car clean
car is clean..hubby just vaccumed it out!

30. pick wildflowers and make my own table centerpieces.


  1. great list, and great job getting so much of it done! I love seeing you at "AP Tuesdays!"
    don't get discouraged with the readership thing...it takes time but will happen.:)

  2. Hi, you seem like my kind of girl. I love your list and good job getting stuff done. I still need to make a more specific summer list. Come and visit me too, I too feel like I am mostly just talking to myself. See ya later.

  3. thank you amy..i enjoy participating in AP Tuesdays!

    and Marianne..i am coming over ASAP!! If no one else reads our blogs..at least we know we ain't talking to each other!!!


It is so nice to know that I am not talking to myself. I love reading your comments and I try to respond to each and every one! Thank you for stopping by!