How Cool is this?

First of all I have to tell you all..I SLEPT ALL NIGHT LONG!

We went up to my mom's house last night and when it was time to go...baby starting screaming to stay with her nanny...so mom told me to let her stay the night...last night was my first night without her in a while...a long while...so i worried a little ..until i fell asleep!

So this morning...while hubby is still sleeping..whom i am mad at right now by the way...i got up to play on the computer ...while surfing around I found Wordle.net

It is supercute! Expect many of these wordles from me...i love them!

Here is one that was in the gallery that i thought was fantastic...it is the Beatitudes from the Bible....I love it...I plan on printing it out and giving it as a Christmas present....or I could totally scrapbook something like this...oh what a great idea!

Thanks Wordle!

well it wouldn't let me post it...says the "tag" was broken....but anyway here is a link to it.


  1. Wordle.net! Who knew? Thanks for sharing this site!

    I'm visiting from the Tea Party.


  2. Oh oh oh, how cute! Let's scrapbook it together! It's a great way to get over the "my husband is a total brat" syndrome, teehee


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