Lyla at 23 months....

Lyla will be two next month.

Where has our two years gone.

They have slipped through our fingers so fast...looking at old pictures I can not believe how much my own child has changed within the past two years.
Her hair is amazingly longer...she talks like an adult....and she isn't even two yet!

Here are a few things that she is "into" at the moment:

* she loves to play baby dolls...we have to have them everywhere we go...and not just one baby doll...all seven of them! We have to sleep with them..they all have to go potty before bed. It is so cute and if she drops one she is extremly worried about that one baby doll until I lean over to pick it up and put it back on the top of the pile.

* she loves to make her daddy "go nite nite"...she covers him up and makes him lay down...then pats him to sleep...if he gets up...she says "lay down!"

* she is doing great at pottying..she goes to the potty all day at school...and at home...now if we could just get the pooping in the potty on track ..we will go to big girl panties soon..and again...she isn't even two yet~

* here lately ...this has been a new thing...when Gregg or I call for Lyla...she will answer us with a ..."What?"...and not just a regular "what?"...like her momma's sarcastic tone of voice "What?" Her daddy loves that!

* she loves going to church. I love that she loves going to church..she particularly likes the music..she says church..really good!

* at church she is starting to come out of her shell a little bit...she is usually really shy around other people and hangs really close to me or Gregg...but here lately she has been handing out hugs to a few people.

* she loves to play with her cousin Landon...she calls him "e-e" ...don't know why?

* she just went to watch her first movie in the movie theater...her and Landon watched Toy Story 3 with my  mother and father in law. So cute..they said she sat there and actually watched the movie!

* she sleeps in her bed like a big girl..and she has been doing this for a good while now...I don't know what has been happening lately but every night she will wake up and come in mine and Gregg's room to sleep with us.

* when she does come in our room...she tells her daddy to "move over" so she can have room...so funny...she is tired and cranky...but cute!

*she likes to cuddle when we get home from work and preschool...i do too!

* she knows a tremendous amount of her body parts...like her eyebrows, elbows, shoulders, ankles...she is one smart cookie.

* she absolutely loves her Uncle Colton

* and her favority thing to do....is take a shower.


  1. My bff names her newest Lyla :) Congrats she is adorable, new and growing :)

    Found you on FFF

  2. She is so cute! My son is 20 months so they are close in age

    I'm a new follower :)


  3. Love the blog!! Following from FF! Such a cute blog header too! Your little girl is precious! Hope to see you at my blog! ::Kristin::


  4. Hi! She is beautiful! My daughter is 5 now time goes by so quick. Im following you back from blog hop! Have a safe and happy 4 th.

  5. thanks..ladies!!!

    i am so honored that people are actually following me!


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