I baby my baby...

That's right...I spoil her..I baby her..she is my princess...

This past week my husband has been on first shift...so we have the evening together with Lyla..he has been a huge help...I wish it would have lasted forever..but today started back to reality...

While my husband was home..he put Lyla to bed a few nights...I got to where I missed rocking my baby to sleep..

I still rock her to sleep...she will be two next month...and I sing to her...then I quietly lay her down in bed when she is off in dreamland...

When did you all stop rocking your babies? When do you just put them to bed and have them fall asleep on thier own?

I have to say I will completely miss the rocking and singing and cuddling when she starts to put herself to sleep...
So ...no matter what anyone else thinks...I baby my baby!

Here are a few things that I am grateful for..
43. rain
44. umbrellas
45. that my husband deals with my mood swings
46. a God that moves my spirit
47. a God that answers prayers

48. my health
49. books to read to my baby
50. cute pens that make it fun to write
51. the window in my classroom
52. an adult chair to sit in while in my preschool classroom
53. girls that i like to work with
54. girls that i still talk to who i don't work with anymore
55. my Cricut
56. crafty websites for inspiration
57. the opportunity for my husband to work overtime
58. for God keeping my mouth shut around my in laws
59. for my husband actually telling my in laws what they need to hear
60. men feeling the calling to teach God's gospel!


  1. I am glad you commented on my post, I was literally reading yours and wanting to comment, when the power went out b/c of the storms! :) Yes, I have started a Music Monday, every week I choose a different "theme" and you pick which song suits you and that theme. So far, I like it. I am glad your hubby got to spend some nights with you, and I didn't hardly get to rock my little girl. My son, however, still loves to be held. My daughter will be 3 in December, and she is so independent! Even when she was a baby, she wanted her space, all to herself. And only when she is sick or hurt does she truly want me all over her. :) I will take what I can get! Although, here lately, she has been glued to my hip. Kinda nice. :) ::Kristin::

  2. thanks for your comment...it is nice to hold my baby..and i am really liking your Monday Music...keep it going!


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