Monday Music

Over at Kuppy Kakes by Kristin she is starting a new Monday meme....She will you a theme (like this weeks theme is a song you would listen to when you want to relax) and then you find a song that you like that goes along with her theme and post it....
and since I love music and love listening to different kinds of music..I really hope this takes off!

so here is my first one....

When I want to relax..the first thing i think of is Josh Groban..I love his voice....it is so soothing...and this song..is just inspiring to me and relaxing...

so what would you listen to if you wanted to relax??


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  1. Thank you for linking up!!!! Amazing song by the way! I too love Josh Groban, especially, this song! Gives me goose bumps and makes me tear up when I hear it! Fantastic pick. ::Kristin:: Kuppykakesbykristin.blogspot.com


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