A star bigger than our Sun?

So have you heard this?

R136a1 is the newest star that British scientists found up in spac.
They say it is 250 times the size of the sun. If it were in our solar system it would outshine our current sun to the degree our sun currently outshines the moon. In other words, it would be a million times stronger.

That is crazy..

I have always loved astronomy...and when I was a little kid I wanted to be an astronomer when I grew up...so i have always been the one to think...
our sun is a  star.....
and stars fall all the time....
what makes our sun ..not fall?

scary thought?

and what makes our planets ...revolve that that particular star we call the sun...why does THAT star have a gravatational area that keeps our planets circling it?
What if one of our planets wanted to skip out and circle another star?

Cool huh?

But now they have found a star bigger than our sun....
and in the grand scheme of things ....is our sun really that big....or do we just think it is that big because we are so close to it?

I love this stuff....

The English scientists say the star discovery is significant because it causes them to refine and expand their current theories about stars, their size, and their life cycles. In other words, things aren't always as they seem, they don't always get it right the first time. So everything we have studied about stars up to this point..may be all wrong!

.....and then I heard something else about UFO's over China...but those don't interest me as much as a Gigantic Star!!

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