My Birthday Wish List...

My birthday is coming up!!
On July 24th!

I will be.....25......no 26....OMG!! Wow...where did 25 go? Oh yea...taking care of a one year old...

moving on..

Everytime someone asks me what i want for my birthday I get stage fright and say "Uh Oh I don't Know"

Then I end up getting stuff I don't want...and I can't gripe..because I said i didn't know what i wanted...

Well this year...that is not happening to me...

I am making a list...

1. A Sewing Machine.
This one will work...I don't need anything big....I am not an experience sew-er ..so just something simple and easy is good for me.
2. A cute funky chair for my scrappy room.

3. A Scentsy Candle.

5. Two nice Airdonack chairs.

Now that i have a nice looking list...i will know exactly how to answer that dreaded question of "Well...what do you want for your birthday?"

P.S. Dad called..he's already got me a camera. He is so good as surprises! :)


  1. Visiting from Lady Bloggers Tea Party. I can relate to the birthday list thing. I generally stumble around and say "I don't know." But I also hate making lists. I king of think like, how do they not know me well enough to buy me something I'd like?! So I'm always in a catch-22 there. LOL

  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE your blog!! :) It's so cool to read you're a Pentecostal (I'm a christian too), and we're also the same age! I completely HEART your design too. You got yourself a new follower!

    About your post: isn't it funny how our wish list changes with marriage & children?? Hope your birthday is fun!

  3. HI! I just came across your blog. Very Fun! I noticed you mentioned Scentsy. If you don't know of a near by consultant, you can check out my website and order some and have it shipped directly to your door!! It is alexiskueffer.scentsy.us . Hope you had a great Birthday!!


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