I'm having withdrawls and drama!

I think I am having bloggy withdrawls...

my husband has been home this week and it has been so wierd in our house!

Where he works usually shuts down for a whole week for the Fourth of July..but he volunteered to work first shift this week...since we just bought a new car..and still have a few more truck payments to pay...pennies will be counted in our house for the next few months!

But since he has been home...we have cleaned house..visited my mom...watched tv...played with the baby....and I have taken kind of a bloggy hiatus...

so here is just one new thing that is going on right now...

I finally got my window in my classroom....so I have been cleaning it up and moving stuff over so I can be BY myself with my students...I have come to realize that I do not work well with others.
Especially when the "other" wants 2 year olds to sit down and watch movies all day...I can't handle that.
I have my classroom all set up now..and the kids that are in my room are so excited because if we ever have any down time in our room..we get out toys to play with...or do something....they love it!

Yesterday afternoon , I went into the principles office to see if she had any crafts for us to do this coming up week...and somehow in turned into a vent session. I don't know how she did it...but she is good. We got to talking about how kids were telling thier parents that they watch movies in the "others" class..and I guess parents started coming to ask the principle what we do all day...uh oh!

So she asked me how things were going in that room...and at first I said...I don't wanna make enemies...I know what it is like being the new kid in town (i have only worked there for a few months now) ...but how can you not tell your new boss something when she asks...so I did..and man I hope i did the right thing...

I don't think she will let it out that it was me in there tellling her..but if she does...i don't think i would care because it was wrong of the "other"

One day this week the "other" class was with my class and it was movie day...so we went out to the big gym to watch VeggieTales...and the "other" teacher fell asleep! I mean passed out snoring asleep...woke up ..screamed at a child to come here...and fell back to sleep....while the child was just standing there....OMG! So I let it be known to the Asst Director who was in the kitchen at the time..so all she had to do was poke her head around the pass through and see that she was snoring...and she called the big director..aka Principle...and she came in and told her to go home now.

Why ... Why am I put in these situations?

Well..I hope everything turns out ok...I gotta get ready for another day!

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