is that spelled right?
I don't know..

The past few days I haven't been feeling up to my normal sprite self....so I was just trying to relax as much as I could with a two year old running around...

Today i feel a little better....so here i am!!

I am just gonna catch up on a few things....

First of all today..my kids at school cracked me up..
We have a plastic play kitchen that the girls cook at all the time...well on the side there is a little table that will fold up but the part that is supposed to hold it up is missing...so i have been looking and trying different things to try to get that darn thing to stay up so the girls can use it...and today...
I look over and they had the table propped up on the "microwave door" of the kitchen..they just opened the door really wide and sat the table on it...
how cute! and how sad that a 2 year old can fix the problem before i can!

Second of all..here is my Wordless Wednesday post...

ok..so not so wordless..this is Lyla immeadiately when we get home from school..she piles up in Daddy's chair and watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse..while I clean up the kitchen and start supper.
**P.S. - and just for all you mommas who are completely against TV and children..we only watch one (maybe two on a bad day) episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...
Which I am proud of...and most of the time she doesn't even watch a full episode..she would rather be outside playing or in her room playing with her toys...I like that isn't that interested in TV.

Third...I actually got a minute (and a new camera) to take pictures of the calendar I made last Christmas that I plan on making this Christmas for a few of our family members...
Here it is...Enjoy!

whew.i know that is alot of pictures...but i hope you enjoy them...
i have to go check on my child..she got quiet!

see ya soon!


  1. That calendar is sooo great!! And trust me, I like my new header, but still not as much as yours! :)

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