Baby Natalie

When I had been dating my high school sweetheart for about five years we made the ultimate teenage mistake and got pregnant. I say "teenage"...i was 18...he was 19..... but we had been together for so long..we had planned on getting married...we lived together....we acted and fought like a married couple..so it wasn't like it was a one night stand....if you can't tell it still kinda irks me that I made the mistake...He was the man i was going to marry...we had it planned...I knew I was spending the rest of my life with him...so I let my guard down...and well...kids...it only takes one time....

but ..anyway....He did what most teenage men do...."It isn't mine!"

We lived together!!! Hello!! We were together 24/7. It wasn't immaculate conception.

Then it was , "Well she is just trying to trap me"


Ok..if I am trapping you..then I am trapping me too..because I am the one who has grow up and take responsibility for this baby whether you want to or not...not to mention my once beautiful teenage body will never be the same.


Now ...being the adult that I am...I understand where he was coming from...it was scary....all of sudden realizing that you are going to be responsible for someone's life...We were in the stage of dreaming about buying land and building our own house with horses and chicken..our own little farm...picket fence and all...at the time...it REALLY sucked for me...I wish he would have been there for me emotionally more...but i understand now...not that it is justifiable...but i get where he was coming from...

I didn't have a choice...the baby was inside ME...i couldn't run...or hide....time to tell dad


He went with me to tell dad...cause we weren't real sure how dad was going to react...

my dad....being the priceless man that he is...says "Good Job Nik!"


thanks dad

needless to say my dad was not happy but it was done and he was OK..we started to plan the nursery and had everything on the road to getting ready for the arrival of the little one.

We had our kids names already picked out...we picked them out years ago.....Natalie Faye for a girl...and Ethan David for a boy... both the names were family names...Faye is after my middle name...and my grandmother's name on my father's side..... David was his middle name and my dad's name..and his dad's name


One night ..I started to cramp. Not bad at first. My dad came home early from work..because he had to go pick up my uncle for some reason...he asked if i would be ok...I said yes...but i wish I said No....


I felt so guilty though...already being pregnant and not having a house of our own...not being married yet...i didn't want to cause anymore trouble than i had to


By that morning..my cramps were so bad that I had to call my aunt to take me to the hospital to see what was going on....


When I got to the hospital...the Dr checked me..and said everything was fine...probably just Braxton Hicks contractions.

I went downstairs to leave and my water broke. I was seven months pregnant.

My body would not dialate...I had to have the baby naturally ...I was in labor for what seemed like forever....but however long it was....it was to long..and the baby didn't make it.

I don't remember alot of the details about what happen that day...or a few days after...and some things that happened in my past...i don't remember...

maybe it was all so traumatic to me that my brain just blocked it all out...some one told me that i might have had to much anthestic and it could have messed with my memory...

but one thing that i can still see vividly to this day...seven years later...is her face....her hands....fingers..toes...her hair...her nose and lips...her complexion....she looked like him but had a little bit of me in her.

To this day I don't know why they didn't do an emergency C section ..only God knows...and I am not supposed to question that...I won't lie..because at the time i did...I have always wanted to be a momma...i know i wasn't particularly ready at the moment...but i was getting there...i had grown up and getting ready....I wondered why God would do that me....I had always gone to church...I pray...Why me? Why not some druggy that don't even deserve kids...

But i think that is why i teach preschool now...because i know now how precious children are...how fragile they are...how much God loves them....and what a huge impact adults are to them

For whatever reason...I know that I am in God's hands....and so is Natalie Faye...

I pray for her...and my ex...and all my family that had to go through that with me...and I thank God that somehow all that heartache and pain...led me to Gregg...

and eventhough sometimes we clash....he loves me..and respects that part of my life...and I love him even more for that...

and none the less...meeting Gregg gave me Lyla...and having gone through the pregnancy with Natalie...I wasn't as scared and stressed when i was pregnant with Lyla...and thank God she is happy and healthy and doesn't have one thing wrong with her ..besides her momma's sarcastic attitude


So for whatever reason I have one baby in Heaven and one with me here on Earth.....

I think about Natalie everyday...I miss her like crazy...and yes...even seven years later...i still cry..it still hurts..but you learn to control the tears and the pain...and try to find the good ...

I take Lyla with me to visit her and talk to her...I know that Lyla has a special angel in heaven watching her...and that makes me smile..

And I thank God that I have a God in heaven that knows all my mistakes, forgives me, lets me start all over again and again........and loves me anyway!

I love you Natalie!

Love, Mom



  1. What a touching post. I'm so sorry for your loss. I had a number of miscarriages before I finally had my children and I know how hard each and every one was on me. I can't imagine how much more difficult it would have been to carry the them almost to term. My heart goes out to you and your Natalie. xoxo

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about this, I can't even imagine what it can be like. I am pleased to hear that you have a lovely wee one now.

    Stopping over from SITS to give you some comment love, I love the design of your blog and hope you have many cupcakes today.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss. I have a friend who lost her little girl at month 7 as well. (She had awful cramping, and it was determined that the baby wasn't going to make it. She was forced to have a still birth. She doesn't know what happened to this day, and she still thinks about it...a lot.) My heart truly goes out to you. This must have been difficult to write about, but it's an important story to share. Lots of teenagers and teenage relationships go through these emotions, and unfortunately, a lot of mothers go through the loss of a baby--a pregnancy gone wrong. I bet you make the best pre-school teacher out there. I'm now following you from the Friday blog hop. I look forward to reading more of your adventures.

  4. Wow. It takes a lot of guts to tell a story that rips your heart out like that. I know you miss her terribly. I had just one miscarriage early and it was very hard. My heart goes out to you for your loss. Just sharing a little SITS girl comment love.

  5. Its crazy sometimes how things work out. I had a miscarriage before my first child was born healthy. And had the first pregnancy been a success I would not have any of the three children I have today. I can't even imagine!
    Hi from 31DBBB

  6. Oh, Nikki. What a beautiful post and tribute to your baby Natalie. It broke my heart to read... I can relate to SO much of your story. I am so sorry that you went through that. It's so hard to understand why things happen, maybe we will never know why. But I am convinced that God has saved your tears and heard your cries and it breaks His heart too. I am so glad He has blessed you... and there is no doubt that Natalie couldn't be in better hands.

  7. Wow. What a story. :( I can't imagine going through what you did, but it sounds like you are a strong woman.

    Found you from SITS.


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