The next to last family wedding..

My sister in law got married June 19th...she is the youngest besides my brother...so we only have one more family wedding to go...that is IF my brother ever gets married....and he is only 14..so we have a ways!
But here are a few pictures that my Pastor's wife took of my baby who was the flower girl!
Then I spruced them up on Picnik a little..

any of you professional picture takers....if you have any tips....please don't hesitate to let me know!!!

But doesn't she look stinkin' cute??


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that flower on her head! So cute!

    I'm not really a photographer, but everything I've ever read about taking pictures of the young ones is to get as close as you can...it made for great pics of my niece who's 18 months. It shows all their cute unique attributes.

  2. Hi Nikki, the photos of your daughter are simply gorgeous.

    Thank you for linking your blog to We Play, I do however ask that bloggers link to a specific play related post, not their blog URL when linking to We Play. I have removed the blog link but welcome you to link again to the specific play post you had in mind.

  3. Ohmygosh, super super cute!! What a little beauty she is!


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