Working Mom Wednesday..Secrets of Motherhood

Over at Work, Wife, Mom...Life! she is doing a thing called Working Mom Wednesdays...
I have never done this before but was skimming through some blogs this morning and found it...

it looks pretty neat...I am a working mom...and it is wednesday...so what the heck!

This weeks topic is 10 things you wish someone would have let you know about motherhood....

What a great topic!!

1. That you lose all dignity and embarrassment when your legs are wide open on a table and everyone has thier nose six inches from "your spot" trying to see something inside you...

2. That your body will NEVER go back to what it used to be...unless you have money to clip here and tuck there...and to get it even close ..you have to work your BUTT off!!!

3. that from now on you will always feel like you are forgetting something

4. I wish someone had warned me that I would completely let myself go....and not even realize it...

5. All the wonderful things i used to do ...like scrapping....is now toys to my baby

6. One thing someone did tell me..was to keep a journal...keep up with a baby book..it is precious memeories

7. no matter how long you wait to have a baby ..your marriage changes...you will have long talks...crying nights...mood swings...wanna quit...but dont! It gets better!

8. no one expects you to have a clean house with a child...of any age

9. you worry more about your child's relationships with family than your own..so there will be a lot more family stress

10. and the most important thing...you can be puked on, pooped on, snotted on...and whatever else...and you will worry more about your baby than changing clothes..

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  1. The feeling that you are always forgetting something? SO TRUE.

    That and the part about how everything you did before just becomes a toy =)


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