Happy Leap Day!

So what did you do with your extra day?

I personally ...think we should all have the day OFF work for Leap year!!

It is an extra day...Let's spend it with family...or in church...

not working

Today for me was a normal old day...I woke up...went to work...Lyla had dance class...came home..cooked supper...thought about cleaning...didn't...put Lyla to bed...watched my TV shows and felt guilty about not cleaning...then came and blogged about it!!

I did take time out today to really sit down and play with Lyla.

I noticed the words she uses
her imagination
her long fingers
how her hair is growing crazy fast
the length of her eyelashes

I took time to notice "her"

Today was also out of the ordinary because I think "everyone" I met today has asked me about being Pentecostal. I think God had planted some seeds...and maybe I was watering a few of them...can't wait for the harvest...I might see a few familiar faces in church with me!
That would be crazy!
but Awesome!

I'm super excited that our new church building is coming along...and quickly!!
After dance class today Lyla and I went to go take a quick peek...
Lyla says that Jesus lives there ...and when it gets done...she wants to sing in our new building

She also told me that she wants to play the piano like Sister Shanice at church.....YES! I've been waiting on that! We are starting piano...asap!

I had an awesome LEAP DAY!

How was yours?

Happy 6th Birthday to my brother in law!! He was a Leap Year baby!! So this year...he is officially 6! (and in college!)

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