Photo challenge catch up

OK..Gotta catch up on my photo challenge..

I think God knew I needed a day to blog! Thank you Jesus for the snow!!

Day 8: The Sun

love love love a setting sun

Day 9: the Front Door

Can't really see our front door ...but you get the idea!

Day 10: Self Portrait...
ugh..I knew there was going to be one of these in here..i dread these..i never take pictures of me...

haha...so here is the latest picture of me...taken by Lyla!! Great picture of me!!

Day 11: makes you Happy

my little brother...he makes me happy...he is growing up to be such a good man..he has a great heart! He is fun and goofy..but very serious when he needs to be. Now if I can get mind off girls and on to the future!!

Day 12: Inside my closet
all of my purses and bags...I should join a purse company and make money off of purses...What do you think?

Initials Inc. has some cute stuff!!

Alright..so I am all caught up to today!! yay!!

sorry i had to catch up..my brain has been all over the place!

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