Day 25: green

I am caught up on my photo challenge...

There is another photo challenge for March...I'm super excited...I am going to make it happen one month..where I take my picture and upload it everyday!! EVERYDAY!!

Fat Mum Slim did one in January too..I wish I had known...this is a great way to do my Project 366..a picture everyday for a year!!

I know it sounds like a lot...but it is so worth it when you look back

I am so glad my friend Gwen @ The Lynns in Real Life did this too..it was so cool to see how our days are so different or so similar....and how we both interpreted the challenge of the day...

so cool!!

Anyway..today's challenge is night...so I will take my picture tonight and post tomorrow..

Today's picture is about "green"

This is the new Rhino Rage playhouse (that is thier facebook page..don't know if it will work) in our town!! It is so close that we could probably walk to it....I doubt we ever will...because I would have to carry Lyla back...but we could if we wanted.

She had a blast there! It is just up and running ...but it is cool! Gregg liked it too..he got to jump also!

We ran our energy out there..then went shopping for kitchen cabinet hardware. We have been shopping twice before and came out with nothing...but this time....yes this time....we finally made a decision!!

I can't wait to see my kitchen done!!

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