Day 2: Words

Day 2 of the February Photo Challenge is .... Words

I'm so excited about this one!!

I love taking pictures...I take pictures of everything

I honestly don't know why...I guess just to catch those normal little moments

Most of every picture I see of me when I was a child is posed or on a holiday...I want memories of "life" when Lyla was little...regular..normal...nothing exciting going on....LIFE!

Gregg often makes fun of me or comments on how many pictures I take...


when I ask him to do that again ...or FREEZE until I get my camera (and since I've started blogging I am so happy knowing that I am not the only woman that does that)

Anyway...this is one of those pictures I got made fun of for taking...but now I am happy I did...this is an old picture..I took it before we left on vacation...but I love it and it will work


ok ..so let me explain...

no ..Gregg and I aren't the couple that says,

Love you

no I love you

no I love you more

no I love you more

I can't stand that...but one day Gregg told Lyla that he loved her..

She said, "Love you too"

He said, "Love you more"

Then she replied, "Love you most"

Which if you haven't yet seen Tangled ...Mother Gothel and Rapunzel have the same conversation

So it kinda stuck with us...we ARE that couple now...

but it makes me smile...

I love it



  1. I think that is SUPER cute! Those words exchanged between you two will be something Lila will treasure one day...


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