Day 7: a button

Today's challenge is to take a picture of a button.


A button

This one had me thinking ... The tv button.. The button Gregg pushes that makes me flip out .. The lock button on my office door...

All good buttons

But today God gave us a blah rainy day ( which I would love if I had the day off) and we couldn't go outside.. And by we.. I mean me and 12 three year olds .. So for sure without a shadow of a doubt my PLAY button in my radio is the button of choice today.

I push that button to play some soft lullabies and all 12 three year old fall fast asleep for an hour.

I love that button.


  1. Found you through Kelly...I am totally doing the FatMumSlim photo challenge also!!

  2. Anything to get kiddos to sleep is surely a blessing!!! :)


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