I need a bloggy app

I have been posting my February Photo Challenge on an app that I found on my iphone

It just a regular Blogger app

But when I get on my blog..it isn't there...

and sometimes when I post..it says "stream is exhausted" or something like that and it won't even post..

so I gotta catch up again on my photo challenge...

and I need advice for a good blogging app??


  1. I have used BlogPress (I bought it a couple of years ago, but I think it is $2.99) and like it. I also set up an email address through the blogger dashboard... so that you can email a picture straight to your blog. I have found that you can't do more than one picture and expect it to look good, though.

  2. Awesome!! I downloaded blogger press .. Using it right now!! Love it! Thanks!


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