Brewer Kitchen Remodel=STRESS

So as I have mentioned our kitchen is going through a redo...

I was so super excited when we started this project..and couldn't wait to get started!!

But now..that it is actually here..I'm a little stressed

I know I like the white glazed cabinets...I think it will definately open up my galley kitchen

we both like the bronze fixtures

i love this tin backsplash

granite black sink

this is the color of our granite

I feel like I just walked into a kitchen that got sick and threw up every color and finish you can think of...


Then we went to the Home Show this weekend and I found these metal counter tops! How cool are these??

This is from thier website:
Impervicote custom countertops are built out of 14 gauge steel that is coated with a specially formulated powder coating that is designed for it's durability. Our product is scratch resistant, heat resistant, seamless, non-porous, and FDA Approved for Food Preparation. They are coated with a UV Protectant for Indoor/Outdoor use. The steel used in our tops is made from 30% recycled materials giving us a very high sustainabilty rating. Impervicote can be used for a variety of applications and is great for new construction, re-models, commercial, industrial, and outdoor settings.

So now Gregg and I are bickering, fighting.....having a discussion about which countertops we want to do...

I think I like the metal...

he is no way changing his mind about the granite....

Help! What do you think?
Should we stick with Granite..or go New and Fresh...the cool thing...METAL!

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