I'm feeling a little Disney...

I haven't posted about our Vacation in a while...so I was feeling a little Disney!
Lyla talks about going back ALL the time!
and when I say ALL the time..
I mean about 12,859 times a day

It was such a fun vacation..but it was exhausting
We were up early every morning going to a different park!
So worth it though!

The Tree of Life
Very cute interactive show inside
You go into the tree and through the root system to get to "A Bug's Life" show

Here we are entering Africa
When we got here I thought of Ms Donna Parker
She is enjoying a missionary trip as we speak in Africa..She loves it! Her heart stays in Africa even when she returns home. I thank God for people like her!

Of course we wondered if this is what Africa "really" looks like

We were on our way to a Safari
Lyla had to read the map
I guess she didn't trust me or Gregg

Out of all the people in Walt Disney World
We meet a wonderful family from Arkansas
So it made the wait in line seem not as long
(1 hour wait by the way)

Here we are ...on a safari!
This is what we were driving through

Our Safari bus

I have to say ...
I think that is a DANG good picture of a giraffe

These are upside down trees
The only grow in Africa
Gregg loved them so he made me take a picture of every single one


Here is what Lyla did the whole time we were on a Safari!

I even told her these were after us...
She didn't care

After the Safari trip..Gregg needed a snack
A turkey leg

And thank goodness I brought straws for my child to play with while she was at Walt Disney World!

I can't wait to go back!

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