Day 6: Dinner

Today's challenge in our February Photo Challenge is DINNER

This topic had to be today...not a day where I actually cook a real full meal and make myself look like the Pioneer Woman...


Today for dinner we are having left overs from our Super Bowl party...
I swear Gregg had no socialization as a child...because if we have a small get together for a Super Bowl he makes enough food to feed a small country...

We had a great time though..I enjoyed my Daddy being over here....I don't see him enough
I am a Daddy's girl through and through....

There was some hilarious commercials..I think my favorite was the Dog and Doritos commercial:

Madonna did a good half time show...I thought it was a little funny that she was grinding on all the dancers...then came out in a choir robe....but the half time shows are getting a little bit better every year since the famous "wardrobe malfunction"




LOVE me some Ceelo Green!!!

Was he wearing black sparkly Tom's under that choir robe???
That would be GREATNESS!!

What was your favorite commercial?

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