Day 26 & 27

Day 26: night

I had great plans to go out and take a wonderful picture of the moon and stars.. But I sat on my bed for just a minute and PASSED OUT ASLEEP!!

So this is all you get :

I have to have this in when I go to sleep or I won't sleep good.
I don't sleep good anyway because I have a three year old doing the 'snow angel' in the middle of the bed .. So I guess I should just save electricity
Anyway. I can not sleep when I'm hot
Can't do it

Day 27: something you ate

Beef! It's what's for dinner!! My dad told me about these beef steaks.
We tried them
Love them
And keep a box in our freezer

It is a great good meal that appears it took a while to cook but didn't. I love those!!

February is almost done!!

Are you ready for march?!!

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