SNOW day!! Yay!!

All night last night we heard about the snow coming...

My friend Staci took this picture
After church we ate Mexican and the whole time Gregg was saying ...we better get to the grocery store before the storm hits...OMG!

Of course in our town if you hear of snow coming...everyone runs to the grocery store!! I mean EVERYONE!


I have no idea..I think our last ice storm scared everybody and everyone prepares just in case...

Anyway..we were amongst those people shopping getting ready for the snow....we weren't really snow preparing ...we were just grocery shopping...

Most of the time I don't believe what the weather news says it is going to do..it is usually the exact opposite...

But today

We have snow!

It snowed sometime last night...I was fast asleep in my warm bed...but woke up this morning to a white covered yard!

I was excited...the first day our public school system is out..so is our preschool..

not that I don't love my job...

but my fireplace rolling, watching TV, eating snow ice cream cuddled up on the couch with Lyla is HARD to beat!!!

I laid in bed for a while and watched all the parents scram about Mansfield not closing today on Facebook while Lyla watched "Jake and Neverland Pirates"

and it wasnt' to long of a wait until I hear

"Let's go play"

I know I would have heard it earlier if it hadn't been for "Jake" saving the Pirate Princess...

So we bundled up and headed out!

Lyla was excited this year about the snow!!!
Last year I got her all bundled up and we stepped out into the snow...and she was done!

This year we made snow angels...threw snowballs...and even made a little snowman

We even got Daddy out there...
He isn't a fan of the snow

When we came in ..we made snow ice cream
and broke out the Strawberry Shortcake Watercolor book

I love her focused face

and how cute is that little sock bun!!

After our picture was done..it was time for lunch and Alice in Wonderland

Now baby girl is napping..the house is silent...
I think I will lay in my bed and read



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