Oh Monday!

Well..today is Monday!

Gregg came to my work today to give me Lyla's blanket for naptime and told me we had about $500 missing from our bank account...which..of course freaked me out...
then he mentioned that he forgot to deposit my check...

he laughed

I didn't

moving on..................

If you have been reading my blog (if you haven't then shame on you!...start now!) then you know that I am taking the JOY DARE with Ann Voskamp over at Holy Experience..and I am so suprised that I have kept up with this...I love it. I think everyone should do this for at least a month..it really opens your eyes and makes you realize what you DO have instead of what you DON'T
At a young age Ann watched her baby sister be ran over by a truck and she mentioned at how the neighbor just kept on tilling his garden...didn't even turn off his tiller...I couldn't imagine the sight...the feeling...the pain and hurt..and how to even move on after something like that...but I think it is amazing that she started looking at blessings God had given her..instead of what God had taken from her.

I don't want to get all mushy..but You don't know how much time you have left on this Earth. The night we were going out to eat and only God kept us safe and made Gregg stop the car from the guy who ran the red light has really made me thankful for every minute I have had with Lyla on this Earth.

Hug your babies

Kiss your husband

Say that extra "I Love You"

I have a page up at the top of my blog ( 1000 Gifts ) to list all my gifts this year...and eventhough it is just February..I like to already look back and see what I have jotted down as gifts so far this year.

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