Day 20: Handwriting

I don't think anything can beat a handwritten note.

I would rather have a note from my husband than flowers or jewelry.

I know that when he buys me flowers..he loves me and it makes me feel all gooey inside...but having a handwritten note and reading the words that he took time to write that is coming from his heart means so much more than anything material.

I am so lucky that my husband still writes me love notes. This is one of them. I love them! I keep them and I re-read them ever so often.

Just the other day while Lyla and I were getting ready in the morning she seen this envelope and asked what it was...so I sat her down on the bed....both of our hair dripping wet...and read her daddy's words to her.

I didn't skip a word..I read her the whole letter. She sat still and silent...listened to every word.
When the letter was over...she looked up at me with a smile and eyes glistening...and said, "Daddy loves you"

I said, "I know..I love him too"

Tears came to my eyes.

We might not have a million dollars
She might not get everything she asks for
We probably wont' be able to fly in a private plan to see all wonders of the world

But she knows she is loved
She knows mom and dad love each other
and that
is a solid foundation in which she can rely on.

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