The Husband Challenge Day 10

Day Ten

Behold you are handsome, my beloved! Yes, pleasant! (Song of Solomon 1:16a)
We all crave appreciation. We want to know that we are valued and loved. Isn't that why we all love to fall in love? Because that is when the guy always tells you how beautiful you are and how your eyes are like something he has never seen.. Remember?

 Early love letters probably reflected our admiration, but if we're not careful, our spouse will forget why you were drawn to them. It is usually called "The Chase"...just because you say "I do" doesn't mean the chase has to end. Keep it alive. Send a text..leave a note..or actually look them in the eye and tell them "they are pleasant!" If you still have any of your old love letters re-read them..remember the time..the chase.

Think of ways on how you can admire your husband. Does he know that you still find him attractive? Tell him one of the characteristics that drew you to him. What he might handsome? Gentle? Compassionate? Kind? Confident? Easy Going? Godly? Strength?

I could go on and on... find something about your husband that made you thnk he was THE ONE..and tell him that hasn't changed!!


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