Women Connect 2012

My wonderful blog designer Becky who blogs at From Mrs to Mama is having a get together over in her area of the blogosphere..and I am super excited about it!

It's called Women Connect 2012!
A place where women can find each other, connect and get inspired!

Let's face it..Women are relational emotional creatures. We need each other. To vent, To gossip, To cry, To whine, To rejoice, To pray, To seek advice, To dress up, To go to the bathroom..LOL! We need each other!!

This is a great opportunity for all women alike to join up in this linky and get to know other women who are in your similar situation ... or meet someone totally different from your situation!

All you have to do is write up a post about you and head on over to From Mrs to Mama and link up!

Now.. I have to write up a post about myself...isn't that the age old interview question that you Despise! So..Tell me about yourself.
What do you say?
Where do you start?
Do you want all the details or the short version?

I think this question is one of the hardest to answer..about yourself...so stick with me and I'm going to try my best!

I am Nikki..used to be Turner...now I'm a Brewer. I have been a Brewer for five years now!! Best five years of my life..everyone says that..but I mean it. I love my husband...he is the best...for me!
We were married in September and in December I called him while he out in the woods hunting to tell him we were going to be a family...the next August...Miss Lyla Faye entered our world and made us the happiest parents on the planet! She is four now with an adult sarcastic attitude and honestly thinks she is destined to be a princess...Hey..a girl can dream right! I am still waiting for the day my father tells me that I was adopted and I am a lost princess of another nation...one day...One day ....it might happen. 

See..the attitude I was talking about!
I'm not playing around here.....she is four going on twenty four
Along with Lyla..we also have two dogs..Our big Great Dane, Nala, and our little chihuahua, Daisy Jo..


I have an inhome preschool and consider myself blessed to be able to do that as a job! I get to stay home with my baby girl and we have friends come over to play and learn! I love it!
Absolutely love it!
 I am starting college in 2013 to finish up my Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education.
My husband is in the Air Force National Guard and I couldn't be prouder of him. I thank God he chose not to do active duty..I am not very good with change or traveling.
I am a complete Daddy's girl and I adore my little brother..family means alot to me. I proudly proclaim that I am a Christian..and totally addicted to Dr Pepper. I love my little town here in Arkansas..yes we wear shoes here.. I love to read, organize and try to scrapbook...I take way to many pictures...but mostly my day is spent doing dishes and laundry while cleaning up the mess that "no one" makes!
I love my life right now and I can not wait to see what God has in store for me next!
I originally started blogging when I found out I was pregnant with Lyla..I thought it would be a great way to keep memories ...but I quickly found out that blogging took to much of time away from her..especially with me working outside the home at that time. I don't post alot of mommy stuff here on the blog Lyla because I like the handwritten approach. I love to see my grandmother's handwriting and I want Lyla to be able to have mine when I am gone. What keeps me blogging are things like these...connecting...the community. I have gotten so many ideas and so much inspiration for crafts or even getting over bad days from reading blogs.
Thanks Becky for linking us up! 


  1. You have a beautiful family! Found you via the link up, I'm excited to read more.

  2. You have such a joyful spirit, nice getting to know you!



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