The Husband Challenge: Day 2

How did Day 1 go?
Was it easy for you?
Did you hold your tounge and not say anything negative?
How did you tell your husband that you were thankful for him? And won't he be super suprised when he realizes that it isn't just a one time thing or because you want something. Don't lie..We've all told our husbands we love them ALOT when we see a cute pair of shoes...I've done it! ........And......it usually works! 

I hope your off to a good start!!  If you completely blew it....Don't give up! Start with today! Even if you two had the biggest fight ever..Start with today! You will be amazed at what a little encouragement can do!

I never said this was going to be easy. Even after five years of marriage for me..I still have a problem with actually opening up and telling my husband I am thankful for him. All the gushy stuff just isnt't me. I feel it..with every bone in my body I love him and am thankful..I just can't say it!

Moving on...

Day Two:
Through love serve one another. (Gal. 5:13b)

This is another verse that some may have a problem with. The word "serve" can be used in a negative connotation. But if you read the whole verse it says "through love.....serve"
I do not believe that this verse is telling us to serve anyone in the idealization of being a slave of sorts...we are told NOT to serve anyone but our Jesus...and that goes the other way...husbands shouldn't take this verse and use it saying that wives should serve their husbands as slaves.

Through love serve ..I think means doing your husband's laundry, cooking dinner for the family, taking care of the bills, going to work, etc.

Husbands and wives serve their family in different ways...each to their own. Husbands and wives should also find those little extra things to serve "one another". This shows the other person that you respect them. If they feel respected...they are more likely to give respect. I know sometimes this can seem like a one way street..but someone has to take the step and start putting one foot forward at a time.

My husband doesn't have alot of demands that he feels like he is respected...thank goodness, but one thing that does make him feel respected is if I keep the house in order. If I do just that..and the house is (not perfect) in order then he is happy! Again..I do think this is one of those conversations that should take place before you get married...if you haven't already signed that dotted line... just so you know how to please your spouse the way that will catch their attention and make them feel loved.

Today, find some way that your husband is serving you or your family. Does he help you around the house? Take out the trash? Put gas in your car? Notice when he does those things and appreciate him for doing it. If your budget allows, next time your grocery shopping run by the goody aisle and grab a brownie mix to suprise him with...or swing by the hardware section and get him a small tool with a nice pretty bow!

Maybe your husband's not a handyman, but does he run errands for you? Does he still open the door for you? Ask you where you want to eat? Take care of you when you are sick? Listen and help you make decisions? Thank him for being there for you when you need him. Let him know that he is one of a kind and there is no else in your world that will ever amount to him and what he does.  

30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Used with permission. Available from www.ReviveOurHearts.com

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  1. Nikki,

    I stopped over from AWB. I love reading about The Husband Challenge! Wow. This couldn't have come at a better time. I'm going to try and follow along!



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