A Breakfast with Princesses!!

We got up one morning...went to Norway...and had breakfast with Princesses!

It's the truth!

We had breakfast scheduled with all the Princesses at Epcot.

I have to admit...I wasn't a fan of Epcot...maybe because it was way hot that day...and there wasn't much Lyla could do.
Epcot is great for adults...because you can walk around and look at all the different countries and have lunch at the country of your choice...but for a three year old....not good!
at least for us

Here we are having breakfast...Lyla was So excited to see Cinderella.

as soon as you walked in ..there was this story book


Lyla saying, "Who are we gonna see next?"
The whole trip for her was just one big suprise after the other....

Sleeping Beauty

Lyla was so excited!! All the Princesses were so sweet...just like Princesses should be.
I gotta say..I teared up a little bit again seeing her hug Cinderella
Isn't that precious!!

Snow White

and Gregg's favorite...
The Little Mermaid!

Thank you to Mr Tyson who took this wonderful family picture of us in Norway!

I think we are still in Norway...I have no idea what the picture above is....the picture below is a Viking building

Gregg thought it was so neat that they grass on the roof

Gregg was just taking some scenery shots

Here we are in Mexico

After breakfast the boys wanted to go stand in line to ride a ride called Test Track....so us girls with teh little ones were going to go in the Air Conditioning and find something to do...so we went inside this building called Innovations...and Lyla made her own piece of paper.

The Epcot ball...
I didn't know there was a ride inside that ball
I still dont' know what ride it is...because the line was two hours long...
nope..no thanks...

**one hour later....guys are still in line for Test Track**

So then us girls...went roaming around and rode a Clam-o-bile and seen Nemo

then we went to see Crush the Talking Turtle in the Ocean Tank....that was so cute!!

Before we went in to see Crush....they had a tank to look at...Lyla loved the sharks

so we got in one and took a picture!!
ha ha!!

Crush was very cute!
He was in an Ocean Tank...and we were in his Human Tank
He told us...not to freak out or anything...but there was no water in our tank

He asked this little boy to ask him any question he wanted..so the little boy asked what it was like to be a turtle......Crush answered....It's great..here in the big blue..you swim...have beautiful scenery ..do flips...surf...ride the waves...then Crush asked him what it was like being human...the little boy said....uh....ok....

Crush answered....well...i'm glad I am a turtle!

So so funny!!

**two and half hours later....guys still in line**

I finally get a call from Gregg..thank God because I was so tired of lugging Lyla around by myself..because it was HOT and she wanted to be carried ...along with the bag I was carrying of water and snacks and fans...the ride the boys wanted to go on got shut down because someone wrecked....after two and half hours of standing in line.
not funny
but kinda

I laughed

So here was our last picture of Epcot...
by the pretty water fountains...

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