2011 photo challenge catch up and injury update

I know..I have been missing in action for a while now from my blog..

but I do have a few little reasons...

1. School is starting Monday so I have been preparing my classroom...and lesson plans...and newsletters...etc

2. While I was cleaning my classroom...I severely twisted my ankle...it hurt....bad.....I mean bad! Today is black and blue and scary looking.

3. Lyla has a off and on fever....don't know why

4. Gregg has been having major migraines.....don't know why

If it is one thing..it is all things!!

I think God is punishing me because our pastor told us to fast this week one meal and pray about the decisions he has to make for our new church building and I completely forgot to fast my lunch on Monday...sorry God! sorry Brother Myers!

So I have to catch up on all my photo challenges.....I stopped at Day 13

Day 14 is Flowers. Ha! With all this heat...there is no flowers...None!
So this is what I am going with...
These are flowers Gregg got me for Mother's Day. I love wildflowers!!

Day 15 brought us....My Shoes!
My kind of shoes are flip flops. I do love wearing heels...but I am a preschool teacher...so heels usually only happen on Sundays for church...now that my ankle looks like an elephant foot...heels are out of the picture!

Day 16 is What I ate...This is my dinner...because like I said earlier ..we are fasting one meal this week..and I decided to fast lunch...because that is the one meal I look forward to...we sit at the table during nap and eat and talk (and of course watch kids!) 

Day 17 is on the shelf...I could have taken a picture of a shelf at my house...because I have a shelf that I love...my husband made it for me..and it holds precious pictures on it...but THIS shelf at the Dollar Store hold precious cupcake decor that I would love to have in my kitchen!!!

I will have to upload the rest of pictures off of my Iphone...I will catch up!! Promise!

Today was Open House at the preschool I work at. I was a little worried because it was on a Sunday...and that is a strictly lazy day for me...I usually don't do anything on Sundays but church and nap! and eat!

But I was pleasantly suprised when I had all but four of my 12 parents show up to meet me today! I enjoyed meeting everyone. Sometimes with the hours I work..I miss parents in the mornings and in the evenings...so today could quite possibly be the only day I see them until graduation! Crazy huh?

I had alot of my students from last year come visit me...I LOVED that! It might sound crazy...but you miss them little monkeys....they do become your own ...you love them..take care of them...want them to be happy and healthy and make friends...

I'm so excited to start the new school year...excited to meet all my students and see what this year has in store for me...excited to see how my students last year adjust to the big kid classrooms...the start of a new school year is like the start of a brand new year...everything is painted and cleaned ...smells nice...I love it!

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