2011 photo challenge - Day 6

First of all I want to thank everyone that has come over to visit my blog and look at my challenge pictures!!
It has been a pleasure hearing from all of you and seeing your pictures in return.

Today is Day 6 of the challenge...and today we were supposed to take a picture of a Childhood Memory

I have alot of childhood memories.
I don't think I know alot of people that can say they had a "perfect" childhood...in fact I don't know anyone that could say that.

It's took me a while..but I think as I have grown up ..you realize your parents aren't super heros...they are human and they have feelings...I remember never thinking that.

I solely believe the one thing that completely changed my childhood...was my Grandma's death.

It hurt my mom to her core...understandably.
It hurt my dad ..because my dad's mom died when he was a baby....so my Grandma stepped right into that role when my mom and dad married.

It rocked the whole entire family...she was the glue that held us all together I guess.
Because now..we don't do family gatherings...no Christmas's or Thanksgiving's ...it hurts.

It hurts me
It hurts my daughter
It hurts my future children
It hurts all of us that used to sit at "the kids table"

As an adult I realize how much of an inspiration that my grandmother is to me.

I promise to be the glue to my family
I swear that if something happens to me and my family splits..I will literally come back from my grave and make them pay for it!

Fights happen in families...people get feelings hurt....you might not always agree....
but you LOVE each other
you apologize
work it out


So I have to say for this challenge...

one of my childhood memories ...is holidays at Grandma's house

-having to go "in the other room" and play with our toys so the adults could open thier presents
-having my Grandma make all of us girls our own Christmas dresses
-seeing my dad always stand by the deep freeze to big meals "so it would settle evenly thoughout his body"
-eating homemade ice cream
-wrestling with uncles
-playing with cousins

being a family

oh..how  I miss that

Here is a picture of one of the dresses my Grandma made me for Christmas:

at the moment I don't even remember what year this was...
but I remember that it was taken in my Uncle Pete's bedroom
My favorite place in all of my Grandma's house.
I cry as I sit here and remember how much fun my Uncle Pete and I used to have together...how my mom used to have to be at work so early in the morning that she would take me to my Grandma's house and I would crawl in bed with my Uncle Pete and fall right back to sleep until it was time to get up to go to school and him go to work.
Even when I see him now...there is no time missed...it's like we see each other everyday
That's family
That's everlasting
But I wish I seen him more

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