Dinner with Mickey Mouse

So by this day on our vacation ..I can't even remember what day it is...
sad huh?
but whatever day this was...it was a dinner reservation with Mickey Mouse !!!

I brought Lyla's Minnie Mouse dress ..My cousin Brittany got her....for I think Christmas last year

can you tell she is really tired of pictures?

now she is telling me...I'm tired of pictures!

Chef Mickey's was the name of the place...and it was in the Contemporary Resort...which meant we got to the ride the monorail

I just loved that thing...it almost felt like a small rollercoaster but not scary...
ok..moving on

This was inside the contemporary resort...beautiful big window

and in the middle of the resort is this huge column...
I thought the painting was neat...
i took a picture!

Lyla was super excited about Dinner with Mickey!
That was the conversation for the whole 19 hours we were in the car..
Lyla would say, "I wanna see Mickey"
We would say, "Slowly but surely"

I was so glad when this day came because after all that driving....we had to deliver on our promise to see Mickey....and secretely I was praying that he wasn't there....because considering my luck....he character guy would have suddenly caught the flew...or when he walked out he would trip on a kid and never make it to our table..something...but God came through for me...
Mickey was there...alive and healthy!!!

We learned that just because you have a reservation...
doesn't mean that you have a reservation
you still have to wait for a table

wierd huh?

tired of waiting

finally made it to our table...the kiddos got a table to themselves...
and since it took so long to finally be seated....

They started looking at the "drink" menu!!!!
So funny!!!

While we were waiting to be seated ..I was going to have one of the other adults take a picture of me and Gregg while we had the chance...and my batteries went dead....

I told you .... my luck!!!

So I had to walk to the Marketplace of this resort...and buy FOUR batters for SIX dollars!! Wow! I was so mad because I bought a whole package of batteries before we left .... but of course....I forgot to pack them in the bag i took that day!

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